💰LPT treasury recipient

💰LPT treasury recipient

In the past Livepeer Inc used to be the only entity funding grants, where developers could apply for funding for their application, tooling or other ideas benefitting the Livepeer ecosystem

With the recent addition of the Delta proposal, inflationary rewards have been accumulating in the Livepeer treasury to allow for the network as a whole to distribute funds for ideas or projects, like developing an application built on Livepeer or expanding the cabapilities of the network. Any participant in the network can use their stake to vote in favour or against funding a proposal

The first two requests to the treasury have been put in by @Pon, who is requesting funds to reward active and high performing Orchestrators as well as reward Orchestrators with significant contributions to the Livepeer network

It's a pleasure to announce that the Stronk Orchestrator has been nominated to receive 3750 LPT for our contributionsEven though the proposal has not passed yet, with a support of 95% it is highly likely to pass

If the proposal passes, we intend to use the received tokens for the following:

  • We want to participate in the upcoming alpha for AI compute jobs, which will add job types like stable video diffusion or upscaling. A part of the tokens would be sold in order to build an enterprise grade server, equipped with a threadripper CPU and 4080/4090 GPU's
  • We want to convert a smaller amount of tokens to ETH, to have some capital on hand for other investments and fund any future Stronk Broadcaster related activities
  • The biggest chunk of the reward will be staked to promising new Orchestrators who are at the risk of getting bumped out of the top 100

We would like to thank @pon for taking the effort to recognize Orchestrators who have been actively involved in the supply side of the protocol. It certainly motivates me to contribute more in the upcoming year and hopefully it also motivates more network participaints to contribute in their own way