StreamCrafter alpha release

StreamCrafter alpha release

From humble origins, the first public release of the StreamCrafter!
No installation. No configuration. No hassle. Just ultra low latency livestreaming straight from the browser.

The alpha release of the StreamCrafter is now available as an NPM package.

Given that the package is currently being maintained by a single backend engineer, we are actively looking for contributors to join in on the fun. Most notably, we're in the process of hiring a contractor to:
- Rewrite UI components. From optimisations for small screen devices to guided first-time usage. The interface needs the most love & attention at the moment.
- Refactor the code to be in line with industry standards. We want the project to be maintainable and extendable by anyone who wants to contribute.

If you're interested in contributing or have feature requests, send me a message or check out the respository.

If you're interested in following along with the development, see the official website.
Extensive Documentation to add the StreamCrafter to your platform and integrate it with a CDN (Livepeer Studio or host your own free CDN using MistServer!) will follow soon-ish.

Stay tuned for updates or announcements regarding the onboarding of new contributors. Development of the StreamCrafter is funded by MistServer and Stronk-Tech. Thanks to the support of our Delegators on the Livepeer network we're able to maintain & publish the project for free!