We are fully immersed in the Livepeer ecosystem. Onboarding new node operators, active in the community and proactive in giving feedback to core contributors.

We have open access to all of our tools, scripts, dashboards and API for anyone building or operating on the Livepeer Network.

The Stronk validator

We are running Broadcaster, Orchestrator and Transcoder nodes in order to provide staking services and a global net of GPU's. We never miss our reward calls, rarely have any downtime and consistently score at the top few Orchestrators on the performance leaderboard.

You can show support for our Livepeer related activities by staking LPT at our node

There's a dashboard which gives extremely detailed insight into our Orchestrator nodes.

We are currently working on creating an easily deployable and transparent sample deployment to allow video builders to start working with live media or VOD while leveraging the Livepeer network. This way we're ready to help onboard the next generation of Broadcasters.


LPT inflation is a highly rewarding income source, giving node operators the itch to do more than simply add GPU capacity. We want to set an example for other node operators in how they can do that. This website provides an index linking to all of our projects. Here's a short summary of what we've accomplished so far:

Stronk API

Our biggest contribution has been the Stronk API and it's accompanying website. It provides access to all of our data, including:

  • Coin data from CoinMarketCap
  • Block status on the ETH and ARB chains
  • JSON and Prometheus endpoints to power Livepeer-related websites or dashboards
  • Smart contract activity and stats

This API and website was our first major contribution. A complete rewrite of the backend is currently in progress, ensuring the API is extensible, maintainable and highly efficient. This rewrite has been completed for the most part, with only the Smart Contract event parser left to do. After that we'll release the new source code to GitHub and give the website a visual upgrade to go along with the fancy new engine.

Public network insights

The perspective of the Broadcaster node remains elusive for node operators. We're running scripts which mimic Broadcaster nodes in order to expose insights into the supply side market.

This data currently powers multiple dashboards to visualise where Orchestrators are active, what their prices are and how quick they respond to Broadcaster discovery. There's also an internal dashboard to help node operators determine their pricing based on this regional data which we hope to make public soon.

Load tester

It's important for node operators, Broadcasters and Orchestrators/Transcoders alike, to be able to stress test their setup. Does it hold up under high sustained loads?

This script allow for just that.

Linux guide

We have published a guide to help node operators make the switch to Linux whilst carefully introducing them to the nuances of the OS. Stuff like file permissions and system services which are crucial to understand for any node operator.

Dune dashboard

There's a analytics dashboard visualising smart contract activity, powered by Dune analytics.

Codebase contributions

We have made numerous contributions to Livepeer's codebase. These have mostly been bugfixes, so hopefully we can have a more meaningful impact on that area in the coming year.

Video Miner

Video Miner is a Livepeer transcoding pool, making it easy to onboard new GPU's onto the Livepeer network, without the hassle of all of the on-chain stuff and node management. We're on the Video Miner team responsible for the dashboard and modifying the codebase to have performance based selection, ensuring the pool remains performant when a transcoder is experiencing issues.

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